• “Another great month thanks to the lads”
    Michael, Cork

    “I can’t believe we nearly went through the card! 5 out of 6!”
    Pat, Wales

    “10/1 and 3/1 winners from two bets. I hope you can keep this up!”
    Eddie, Co Mayo

    “Where do I send the bottle of whiskey? I can’t thank you lads enough for the help”
    Mark, Dublin

    “The fella in the betting office is very confused... a lifelong loser is now a winner!”
    Herbie, Southampton

    “I’ve been visiting Galway for years but you guys made it the best year ever... Cheers!”
    Mick, Dungannon

  • “Making money from betting isn’t an art or a science...
    It’s about who you know and getting the right information”

    One thing we have learned over 10 years of providing tips to the public is that very often even the best judges in the land cannot see all ends, and the only way to know whether a horse is truly likely to win on a given day is to have direct access to his trainer. Irish Racing Tips can provide the information for you.

    Obviously, not every punter has this luxury.But with our established network of contacts we are the middle man that can pass this vital information to you from industry insiders who can provide you with a constant stream of winners.

    What You Can Expect From Irish Racing Tips

    • Free, no obligation 14-day trial to test our results for yourself
    • Regular email updates with inside tips and racing news direct to your inbox
    • Priority invitation to join our Premium Members Service with online discounts
    • Invitations to social and sporting events, many not open to the public
    • Early Access to Special & Ante-Post Gambles
    • Free bets & promotions from Betting Partners

    You Have Nothing To Lose
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    Maintaining privacy and discretion is of vital importance

    We run a very popular and profitable service, but wekeep most of the details of how we work and who we actually get our betting information from private. Much of the information we provide is highly sensitive and some of our contacts could face disciplinary action if suspected of collaborating with professional gamblers.

    “No major business or financial decision should be made without gathering information from every possible source”

    About Our Free 14-Day Trial

    Once you have completed your Free Trial then we will fill you in on a few more of the details behind our service. During the trial you can expect regular top quality Irish Horse Racing Tips sent to you by email well before the start of racing, and because this trial costs you nothing you can sit back with no risk and let us amaze you with the quality of our information.

    In this day and age where honesty and transparency is everything, we are happy to provide this trial because we know we can show you that we are the right firm to put your business with before we ever ask you to risk a cent or penny of your own money.

    Staking System

    We advise bets on a 1-5 point basis, and recommend that you stick to a fixed stake per point throughout. This stake can change over time as your betting bank grows, but we suggest a modest stake of 5-40 euros/pounds per point until your confidence in our information grows. If you would like any advice about staking levels we are always happy to provide free, independent advice to suit you.